Trying Spotify for 3 months for $1

Just before the end of the year, Spotify proposed a trial of 3 months for just $1 (instead of $9.99 per month). How could I resist?

I’m already a Spotify user and like so far (using the web player, there’s no ads, so it’s ok). But it’s not as great as the native applications and their features (playing on another speaker, offline availability and mobility without ads). So I decided to give it a try. It will give me me the chance to compare it to Google Music and Amazon (I’m not paying for these services though). What I’m really interested in is the capability of the service to propose me new artists/albums that I don’t already have in my library but that I might like. Discovering new labels and artists is hard when you don’t necessary like the trends for young people (I’m crying when I check what people are listening to in France…).

Let’s see if:

  • I listen to more music or not (Data ! Data ! Data ! )
  • How many new artists/songs/albums I discover and decide to keep
  • How much I’m going to use the native/mobile apps
  • If I decide to keep paying after 3 months
  • If I stop using the other services or switch to them

If you’re interested in the different offers Spotifiy currently has, it’s here.

Written by julien

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