Hello world!

For developers, “Hello, World!” is often used to introduce beginning programmers to a programming language. The very first line(s) of code allows to “print” something on the screen to verify that everything is working fine. For this blog, I thought it would be good to start this way.

First, because for me, it’s almost a new language, not a programming one but more communication oriented. I come from a place (and time) where social media are/were not so used except to advertise commercial items or highlight personal (and boring) life pictures. I know it’s really not something usual for me, so I’ll need to learn and this is one of the reason I wanted to start writing (in English, not my mother tongue, a good way to improve) this blog. Caroline, my wife, and I already started a blog to share our adventures in the US but the content is mainly to make laugh our families and friends.

Then, because it’s not addressed to anyone in particular. The content that I’ll write will probably based what I experience in my day to day life as an entrepreneur, a husband and a guy living in a country where he wasn’t born in. It might be boring for some, interesting for others, useful or useless. So, when it says “World”, it’s for everyone.

Finally because I thought it was a good timing: after living in Boulder for 1 year between 2012-13 and then moving to NY, Caroline and I had to move to Montreal, Canada if we wanted to stay in America. Recently, I was selected to be Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at CU Boulder, thanks to the help and involvement of Brad Feld and his wife, Amy who have been advocating for the startup visa for years at the federal level. I’ll probably write more on what exactly we’re working on for this GEIR program. But the timing seemed good: after moving left and right, north and south, we hope to be able to be here in Boulder, Colorado for a little while. It feels strange to be back here and restarting at the same place where we landed after leaving Europe in 2012. Without talking about a second chance, we think it’s a good thing and we really like Boulder, we can start this new chapter with a different angle and approach. We learned a lot about the american culture and behavior of the past 3 years and maybe (or not) we’ve been through the 4 stages of living abroad, it just feels good to be here.



Some rules for the blog:

  • Writing as often as possible to get some of the ideas that come to my mind, probably during one of my coffee times
  • Answering your comments if possible

So here we go, hello everyone: Hello, World!

Written by julien

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